Algo around you

You may use your mobile to check portfolio, choose Algo, run Algo and receieve notification. Algo is cool enough to help you make-meney & save-time.

Easy to access

Algo runs on cloud platform. You need not worry about network, hard disk, installation.
The easy-to-access helps you easy-to-make-profit.

Algo Trading Platform

Every day Algo calculates millions of trading patterns and presents you the best trading strategies. Thousands of Algo is ready to serve you.

Major functionalities

Financial Products

FX – Foreign Exchange:

USD/JPY,EUR/USD,GBP/USD,AUD/JPY and other 40 currency pairs


major US exchanges, Japan exchanges, Hong Kong exchanges

Trading Signals

Trading Signals can save your time on analysis of markets. You may set the expectation and then recieve the notification on your mobile phone or personal computer.

Algo Selection

Every day we analyze millions of trading patterns and prepare the best algo for you. What you do is simple.

Select Algo -> Input profit expectation and risk control -> Done.

Algo Backtest

Algo is generated based on the financial quants technologies. The backtest is carried to verify the trading strategies, market sensitivities, system stabilities and anything considered to affect your portfolio.

enecoin©Pro provides backtest service for professional customers.

Profit and Risk

Algo can automatically manage profit and risk according to your pre-defined expectation.

Live simulation

Thousand of best Algo is ready for you simulate your portfolio and help you make the best decsion.

Welcome to try

It takes only 5 minutes for you to build your own portfolio. The Algo monitor the markets and will notify you when the profit reaches your expectations.

If you are professional trader, please contact for enecoin©Pro, our financial experts will help you.

Financial Journals

Since Algo trading is a complicated combination of automated trading, black-box and AI technologies, it usually costs much more money than individual investors can afford. Recently years cloud technology lowers the cost of Algo trading, it also generates a DIY version.

WSJ: Algorithmic Trading: The Play-at-Home Version , Gigazine:日本語訳
FT: Rise of the DIY algo traders
Wired: The Rise of the Artificially Intelligent Hedge Fund
Reuters: The rise of AI and algorithms in the financial services sector